"If even 5-10% of men simply go on strike, the rest of the men can not carry the country (any country) by themselves. The hive depends on the worker bees for it’s very existence, and men are the worker bees." --FWO

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Extended Sabbatical

Do you remember the part of the Forest Gump movie where Forest stops running and simply says “I just didn’t feel like running anymore”. Well, I feel the same way about writing and reading about Men Rights and gender issues… I just don’t feel like writing or reading about these issues any more… I’m not mad… I’ve simply become somewhat indifferent over the past year. It’s difficult to explain, but I guess I would sum it up by saying that my passion for writing and reading about these issues has been somewhat sapped by several observations:
  • I see no real momentum building.
  • I don’t see a lot of creative ideas about achieving tangible improvements or results for men as a gender.
  • I don’t see any tangible improvements or results hat have been achieved for men as a gender.
I acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of men have made the conscience choice to simply do nothing and accept Female Supremacy as a self fulfilling prophecy. While I disagree with their strategy, I still have to acknowledge their decision.

By contrast, I see lots of momentum, lots of creative ideas, and lots of positive tangible results in every facet of my life outside of blogs and forums. In recent years my businesses have expanded and had record profits (despite the recession); my investments have flourished, I’ve had more fun and exciting adventures to exotic places than 99% of men will ever have; I’ve had friendships with beautiful and sweet foreign women who were willing to reciprocate; I’ve had both short term and long term relationships with beautiful and sweet foreign women (the quality of which 99% of American men will never know).

When I compare writing or reading blogs or forums to the other facets of my life… I feel like the other facets of my life are stocks that return a huge yield while writing or reading blogs or forums is a stock that returns only a very tiny yield. Of course, I’ve never been in it for a return, I’ve been in it to help other men, but my observations have been that only a handful of men are ready to do what is necessary to be helped and achieve positive tangible results. In conclusion, I’m taking an extended sabbatical from the gender issue community until I have a passion to do it again.