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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are Foreign Women Really Better?

Are foreign women really better than American/Western women? The answer should be determined through each man’s own personal experience. The best way to find out is to spend several months in one of the many countries that are known for being non-man-hostile.

I have spent several years learning about foreign countries and their cultures, and in fact have spent substantial time in foreign countries. My personal observations are that the answer to this debate is in the numbers. In countries such as
Mexico, most countries in Central and South America, the Philippines, and certain other countries the pool of decent women is much larger than in the US. In the US, less than 1% of young women are decent by comparison. America is a man-hating culture where you never hear any woman denounce the hatred of Misandry/Feminism. It’s been my observation that in the foreign countries that I’ve mentioned, about 25% of the women are of similar character to American/Western women. In the foreign countries that I’ve mentioned, about 65% of the women are noticeably better than American women. Even if you date this 65% of foreign women in their country, without them be poisoned by Misandry/Feminism, you will feel like a king, just because you won’t constantly be treated with hostility. At least 10% of foreign women are so great, that you will not believe it unless you experience it first hand… They will in fact denounce the hatred of Misandry/Feminism. My point is that foreign countries offer a substantial pool of decent women, America does not. A pool of decent women does not guarantee success. However, dating American women does almost certainly guarantee eventual misery.

My personal observations have been that about 80%-90% of all men that I know of who married foreign women (that they met in a foreign countries that I mentioned, not in the US) report being very happy. Conversely, of the thousands of men that I’ve known in my life who’ve married American women, less than 5% report being happy. When I was a very young man, I thought that all of my friends, guys that I worked with, guys that went to church with, etcetera… guys everywhere were all part of some big conspiracy to scare single guys. After several years of horror stories from friends who confided in me about how miserable they were being married to American women, and my own personal experiences dating American women, I realized that they were telling the truth. After all, guys like to brag about how much sex they are getting and how well their girl friend or wife treats them. Guys do not like to “brag” about getting no sex and being treated badly. They complain about that to other guys, because telling their wife makes things worse, and they have to tell somebody to keep from going in sane.

Misandrists/Feminists will tell you men who date and marry foreign women are weaklings and losers who are looking for submissive women because they can’t deal with strong women. In reality, it takes a lot of strength and courage to swim against the current, take the unconventional path, learn about foreign cultures, and travel the world for true love, and many men are finding it worth the effort.

Misandrists/Feminists will tell you that most foreign women are gold-diggers. Fact is that many of the most successful men are dating and marrying foreign women, and finding that those gold-digger accusations are false. Fact is that foreign women are much more willing to reciprocate than American/Western women and reciprocating is inconsistent with being a gold-digger.

Misandrists/Feminists will tell you that most foreign women that marry American/Western men are poor, uneducated women who “don’t know any better”. Fact is that the majority are profession women with college degrees. The divorce rate of American men who marry foreign women and bring them to the US is 20% compared with a 60% divorce rate for American men who marry American women. The divorce rate of American men who marry foreign women and move to her country is near 0%. All of the above characterizations by Misandrists/Feminists of foreign women who marry American/Western men are bigoted, hateful, and untrue. Misandrists/Feminists simply hate foreign women because American/Western women can’t compete.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is about figuring out what things you enjoy doing in life (that has nothing to do with women), and then doing all of them. It’s also about figuring out all of the games that American/Western women play. Once you figure out the games of American/Western Women, they will never have any power over you ever again, and you can not be defeated. I’m living proof… it’s part of what I’ve done, and am enjoying life more than ever. For me, dating foreign women is just one part of winning the game and just one part of MTGOW. However, the aspect of dating foreign women in particular has personally brought me enough happiness that it’s my screen name.






thefinalsolution said...

"Once you figure out the games of American/Western Women, they will never have any power over you ever again, and you can not be defeated."

That's the truth, they can act shocked and appalled all they want when you treat them with the same indifference they treated so many good guys in the past.

Save your money and take a trip someplace, anyplace. It's really not that expensive, less than a domestic vacation. Sure international airfare is a lot but hotels/food/transportation is dirt cheap in most countries.

Enjoy Boys, and don't look back!

Anonymous said...

Right On! I got married for the first time at age 57 to a beautiful Taiwanese woman some 30 years my junior. Thank G_d I dodged all the bullets (women trying to cash in before they age out) here in the states. I just retired, however, my wife is a dynamite physician here in NC. When I was at the university and poor, american women didn't have the time of day for me...a geeky (at the time), shy but attractive american male. I am a cancer researcher, saved a lot, then invested a lot, all the while traveling the world. Thats when I discovered women...intelligent, considerate, warm hearted women.

Oh the "schadenfreude" of it all...when we are young and naive, they have us jumping like puppies for doggies biscuits and howling at the moon...but how "the worm turns" after the age of 35...after that time, most american women can't give it away with $100 bills sticking out of their pockets.

Remember guys, "ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE STICKER". What sticker you ask? That beautiful youg american feminist that you are drooling over now, has a sticker on her forehead...invisible to most american men but to the traveled and wise it is very visible. The sticker on their forehead is much like the sticker on food products...AN EXPIRATION DATE! If you keep mentally, physically, morally, financially and intellecually in shape...the world is your oyster. Look for the Sticker!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to travel abroad to see that women outside the Western hemisphere are of a much finer quality.
Just look around you for newly arrived immigrants and you will spot them quickly: they are feminine. A rare thing in our world.
Alas, they rot fast when put in contact with Western women.

thefinalsolution said...

In that case I suggest waiting at the international arrivals in your nearest airport because I dated a couple of foreign women(and know others) that were here for less than a year. Within that time they must have gone bad because they were demanding and didn't have any class.(Talking on the phone during the date, picking their teeth, etc..) it wasn't good at all.

I have also met foreign women like this in their native country, some of them are spoiled by their parents. When the parents are both lawyers/doctors they develop a real elitist attitude. Many are also raised a lot like children here with the TV/Movies/Music as the primary baby sitter/role model.

But I feel you make a valid point, I'm sure that some that just arrived will be good. On the other hand if they did get here without you it's likely they are very well off compared to most women where they are from. They also know within a few weeks that american men are lining up around the corner to shower them with attention. You will have to compete with them for the small pool of these desirable women.

I say do what you prefer, whatever works best in your situation.

Curiepoint said...

I am inclined to think that foreign women are getter than american women in the same way that having a head cold is better than having the flu.

Both suck, but one can be dealt with without slowing you down too much.

Anonymous said...

Writing from Mexico, heh, heh. This blog posting is probably the best analysis of foreign women I have seen to date.

Yes, the personality types are the same in all countries, but as stated, the percentages are totally different.

And, you must test, test, test.

The same selection rules apply. No divorced women. No unwed mothers unless you have some really good reason to know she is a type I unwed mother. (Naive as opposed to immoral.)

And, it is still better to live there, in a nation with male friendly laws than to take a chance her inner evil is nurtured in the Anglosphere.

By the way, better scope out Winston. Unless I am confused he has become an example on how not to do things and is no longer the guru of international dating. I hope I misunderstand, so check it out.

Anonymous age 66

ForeignWomenOnly said...

Your warning is noted. I haven't had a chance to catch up on what Winston has been doing lately. I do not advocate blindly following everything that Winston says or blindly following anybody. I have found most of his observations about foreign culture vs American culture to be spot on. I also think that you can get some good information regarding travelling abroad from his forum.

ForeignWomenOnly said...

Anonymous 66,
You are correct. I finally got time to catch up on everything that is going on with Winston. You are correct, he has made disastrous decisions regarding his relationship.

I never advocated his philosophy on relationships or religion, just his travel information. However, I do feel stupid for even siting him as a source, given his poor relationship decisions.

I'm not going to edit my post. Men can still go to Winston's site, get travel information, and hopefully, learn from some of Winston's relationship mistakes.


Winston said...

Foreignwomenonly and anonymous, this is Winston. I never claimed to be a guru who makes no mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of life and part of the joy of learning. It's your endurance and attitude and how you pick yourself up that count. My site is about letting men know that they have OPTIONS overseas, options that have been suppressed from them. That's all. I never claimed to be perfect. But hey, at least I'm living my dreams and fantasies overseas.

Reality said...

The dating pool of decent women here in the west is very small. Abroad that pool increases greatly. Yes, there are wannabe wh*res everywhere. There are just many more of them here than elsewhere. Not to mention most western women have STDs. Men protect yourself before you go swimming in the cesspool.

Its hot down there. Western women have flamethrowers between their legs. They are burning men left and right these days. You don't want a trip to the clinic over some Ameriskank.